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Training on work with the ePortfolio + method

Blue Beehive organized a training in Ibi for the WLH project. On 9,10 and 11 December, Ibi was visited by experts from the European Erasmus+ project "With a Little Help" who met at the facilities of the Sanchis Banús Special Education Centre to discuss the next steps in the project. The team was composed of 7 entities from Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Spain, represented by the Associació Educativa i Cultural Blue Beehive from Ibi, which will contribute with their experience to facilitate and enhance the work of educators, parents and professionals in their daily work. The development of these educational materials will last until the beginning of 2023.

During the r working days each partner has presented the work done on the training on working with the ePortfolio + method for the development of social and competence skills of disabled students. children and adults was designed with the participation of all partners in the project implemented in Spain with a specific breakdown tasks to be performed.

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