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Module II




1 Week

About the Module

The end goal of this training module is to enable tutors/ trainers to meet the learning needs of their MSID learners so that those learners can engage effectively with the texts, tasks and practices they encounter in their training and learning, or daily lives.

It is expected that educators will use, adapt and extend the presented ideas to meet the needs of their learners and their own teaching situations.

Take a look at the overview about Module II:

E-learning Concepts for II Module
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If you are interested in joining our e-learning course feel free to enroll by filling in the form above and you will be sent login details so you may have access to our Moodle platform:

Your Instructor

Asociatia Edulifelong

Asociatia Edulifelong provides teacher training programs and services. Our teacher training programs are designed to help educators develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to provide effective and engaging instruction to their students.

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