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Module I




1 Week

About the Module

Teacher - if you are looking for support in conducting classes for people with various special educational needs - this course is for you.

Inside you will find:

1. A brief analysis of the specifics of the functioning of people with various types of disabilities and proposed solutions for adapting the education process to their needs and capabilities.

2. Extensive catalogs of assisting and supporting hardware and software presenting proposals for technological support for people with special educational needs.

3. Training/information materials devoted to the FSA method - Formative Skills Assessment, which is a very interesting methodological proposal supporting educational and therapeutic activities in the field of building independence of people with special educational needs.

4. Teacher's manual on creating and working with the e-portfolio method. This is a simple material that will show you how to combine working with the FSA method with creating an e-portfolio for documenting educational and therapeutic work.

These are only selected topics and materials included in this course, which is a mini compendium of knowledge about the basics of working with people with special educational needs.

Take a look at the overview about Module I:

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Your Instructor

Instytut Twórczej Integracji

The ITI Foundation combines the scientific, specialist and social potential in finding ways to support the development and life of people at risk of exclusion.

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